Asian Wedding Cards

The phrase Asian wedding cards covers a broad range of invitation cards.  Over 4.5 billion of the worlds population reside within Asia, with China having a population of around 1.5 billion and India making up around 1.4 billion.

Chinese Wedding Cards

China has the largest population in the world, hence Chinese invitation cards are extremely popular in the wedding world.

The three most popular colours that are used within Chinese wedding cards are Red, White and Gold.  As it can easily been seen on the Chinese flag, it consists mainly of Red and Gold colours.

Many Chinese invites have a lot of detailed designs, which can generally include dragons (primarily because of the association with the Chinese New Year and the Dragon Boat Festival.

Indian Wedding Cards

Within the Indian wedding cards range, Hindu cards, Muslim cards (also known as Islamic cards), Sikh wedding cards (also known as Punjabi wedding cards), Bangladeshi wedding cards, Nepali wedding cards and Tamil wedding cards are covered.  As we cover a variety of Indian wedding cards, please be sure to read our informative Indian wedding cards UK checklist, where you will get a wide range of ideas regarding what to include within your wedding cards.

Hindu Wedding Cards

More or less all Hindu wedding events will have a Ganesh symbol and Hindu wedding cards in no exception.  We have a range of Hindu cards available, of which many can be personalised.  Many of our customers also have a design ready and are looking to print invitation cards only.  You can see our range of Hindu wedding cards by clicking the category below:

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